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 Hope Parenting™

   Hope & Help For Parents & Families

The Job Description/Specification:

                   … Building Healthy Adults!

Hope Parenting™ is a Parenting & Family Support services business with a variety of offerings to help support parents, grand-parents and families. In  particular, Parenting Training and Emotion Coaching.

It is often helpful to have such support from an experienced  third-party to help provide Parents and Family-Members with a wider, independent perspective, as well as additional skills for what is probably the toughest job we will ever have in life – i.e. “raising children and helping to build healthy adults”.

Principal Parenting Practitioner and Managing Associate, Helen Ryder has c 15-20 years of training and experience at in the field of Parenting & Family Support. This is in parallel with her qualifications in Psychology & Child Development, Emotion Coaching, Counselling and Adult Learning & Training. She also has her own personal experience as a Mum/Parent/Grand-Parent too. Additionally, as and/or when required, Associates can also bring complementary training and experience to the Hope Parenting Offerings.

If you, your family or your organisation feel you, or others you are supporting, might benefit from such assistance, please feel free to make contact and have a no-obligations confidential chat to discuss requirements and/or options.

Group Courses & One-2-One/Two

Support is provided in the following ways: