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 Group Courses & Webinars.

 Home-Schools-Groups  Consultancy

 Parent/Teacher/Leader Support.  

 Coaching & Mentoring

 One-2-One/Two Support & Clinics.

 Specialist Parenting &  Family Support

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New Baby/Parents & Attachment

New Baby? New Parents? New “life-challenges” for you all!  Attachment: developing healthy attachments are key for you all too!

Your Child’s Development can be greatly influenced by your Parenting Skills Development. So why not help yourself to help them!  

Become Emotionally-Intelligent Parents and help manage both your own and your Young-Adult’s behaviours better to aid “family-harmony”!

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Child & Parent Skills Development

 Teenagers/Young-Adults & Behaviour

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 Q: Do any of these ring true for you?

Parenting is like white-water rafting: “exciting, but scary!” So these feelings are natural and real. Don’t be too hard on yourself, there are no perfect parents! Just do the best you can and do yourself, your kids and your family a favour and get good training, help and support.

Why  not let Hope-Parenting help you by joining one of the Group Courses on offer, or via One-To-One/Two Parenting Coaching & Support. These can be accessed in various ways, depending upon location and circumstances. Or if you are a Teacher or Club/Group-Leader and want to support the Children & Young-People under your care/charge by developing your understanding of Family-Dynamics, Hope-Parenting can assist you too.