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Ante-Natal/Babies  (0-2 Years)

Having a Baby/Child is a life changing event for all concerned! Understanding the Parent-Role/Job and getting some good training benefits all the Family. Parent-Child Attachment is particularly important factor in early-years child-development.

Toddler/Pre-School  (2-5 Years)

Early-Years child-development is fascinating, but challenging - especially during the Toddler Stage. Attachment and Social Development is particularly important. Good Pre-School Parenting can really assist later school life.

Primary-School  (5-11 Years)

Primary-School Age/Stage can be particularly enjoyable! But Parents often benefit from training and support with regard to Child Social-Skills & Behaviour Development and Emotion-Coaching Training at this point.

Senior-School /Teens  (12-18 Years)

Adolescence, as hormones kick-in and our children begin to become Young-Adults can be a particularly challenging time. Emotions can start to “run-riot” and it can be a testing time for them, Parents /Guardians and all in the family-unit! Good Emotion-Coaching training is really helpful.

  Services: Parenting / Ages & Stages

Parenting & The Child Development Journey:

Getting Help & Training For Different Ages & Stages

From womb to birth, the Baby/Childhood to Young-Adulthood 18-years plus, the child-development journey is, like ''white-water” rafting' - exciting but scary!


 This journey into the unknown, is punctuated by your offspring's milestones of: birth, babyhood, toddler/infant-hood, young childhood, older-childhood/teenage-adolescence and young-adulthood. At each of these  milestone ages/stages, as a Parent/Guardian your parenting skills are tested and/or challenged.  So, whilst your Child/Young-Adult is on their child-development journey or voyage-of-discovery, as Parents/Guardians you may not realise it perhaps, but so to are you on a parenting-development journey! These days however, you can access help and support and get yourself properly trained for probably the most important job role you will ever have!

Whist it is good and natural to want to enjoy our children and a good family-life, the danger as Parents is that we overlook that our mission is, to help our children become, God-willing, healthy  independent adults. The danger is that no-one ever tells us this mission and we therefore never get the training and support we all need to fulfil this task well. As legions of Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists will tell you, whilst events, circumstances and backgrounds may vary significantly, the majority of adult issues emanate in some way from childhood. Whilst some events and circumstances are beyond our control, this puts quite a significant premium on good parenting.

So why not invest more in your kids futures by getting good training and support. This is not a sign of weakness, but strength. The benefits to your children and your family of  time and money spent on this, could in terms of happiness and well-being outweigh (over a lifetime) those spent on toys/presents, entertainment, education, ... Etc.

Some people think and say parenting skills are innate or that extended families can pass them on. However, evidence today shows that good training and support can greatly aid understanding and assists parenting skills and outcomes and avoids ignorance and/or transference of parenting approaches coloured by histories of generational parenting and behaviours which may well not helpful or appropriate today.

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