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Adults (and often their associated behaviours and/or emotional responses) are a product of their childhoods (and how they were parented) and circumstances. We cannot control circumstances, but we can improve our child’s child) by improving our parenting!

In the Parent-Adult-Child Model of Ego-States (ref Transactional Analysis), things can get very scrambled! Have ever worked with an adult who acts like a child when they don’t get their own way, or starts talking to you like you were a child and they were your parent? If so, you know how difficult and frustrating that can be. So what does a good adult look like?

Our adult emotional responses and/or behaviours are often fashioned by our upbringings (and how our “love-tanks” were or were not filled), together with events and/or experiences - both circumstances and events. The later are often beyond our control, but the former can be enhanced by better parenting.

So why not give a child/young-person a better chance in life, by being a better parent irrespective of circumstances and events. To help do that, and undertake probably the toughest job you will ever have, do yourself and your kids a favour and …………………… Get trained  and develop your parenting skills!

“Strong families give children love, identity, a personal history and a secure base from which to explore and enjoy life as they grow up. Family is of lifelong

importance but for children its significance cannot be over-stated: what happens within the family has more impact on children’s well-being and development than any other single factor”.  DCSF, 2010, Support For All: The Families and Relationships Green Paper

Why Do Families Matter?

So How can we help our Kids?

Hope Parenting: Helping you to build healthy kids and families and through that to build healthy adults and future generations of kids and families. So why not get in touch and let us help you and your family. Ditto for your friends’ families?

Here to help! Phone or e-mail for an exploratory chat and to discuss building a better future for your offspring!

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